Drinks Packages

Mobile Bars South West are not tied to any specific brewery, and offer the flexibility to cater to your specific requirements.  However, we benefit from close relationships and product support from our suppliers such as Carlsberg, Coors, Diageo and inbev.

We offer:

Pay-as-you go bar – Guests pay for their own drinks.

Free bar – Your guests drink for free and the bar tab is settled by you at the end of the event. We will provide you with an itemised list of the drinks we have served.

Tab bar – An agreed amount of money is put behind the bar and guests can drink for free until the money runs out after which time you can either put another sum of money behind the bar or guests pay for their own drinks.

Drinks packages available from as little as £9 per head, to include reception drink, wine for the table, and Champagne/sparkling for your toast, glass hire will be included in the per head cost, so there would be no hidden extras.

For more details please feel free to contact Mobile Bars South West, we can tailor your drinks to suit your occasion.